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Welcome to The Swiner's Cellar wine program!

A local sommelier's mission is to study the world’s high quality, one-of-a-kind wines and make them a part of their community. In collaboration with The Savory Swine, Josh has developed a wine program that gives you bottles of wine you can depend on to be unique and impressive. 

The Swiner's Cellar features two wines - one red and one white - that will change seasonally. Bottles can be purchased in quantities of 3, 6 or 12. 

Pricing is as follows:

3 Bottles / $60
6 Bottles / $110
12 Bottles / $180


1. Join the program.

This means you will receive information about seasonal wine selections, special events and more. Just because you are in the program doesn't mean you have to buy - there's no obligation.

2. Place an order whenever you want.

Place an order in person at The Savory Swine, or complete the form below. Your cost is the same no matter how you order. Wine orders arrive within 2 weeks.

3. Pick up and pay

Simply pick up and pay for your order at The Savory Swine, 410 Washington Street, Columbus, Indiana. 

RatSomm's picks for Spring 2016

Welcome to Sicily!

The island of Sicily is the largest in the Mediterranean. It is home to the largest active volcano in Europe, and snow falls there each winter! Sicilians have grown grapes and made wine by using traditional methods throughout thousands of years of radical change. Wine grapes from this volcanic soil, maritime influence and ancient tradition are worth experiencing.

The Tenuta Ibidini wine estate resides in the eastern Ibidini domain of Sicily. Their vineyards are home to grape varieties, from old vines, that are grown nowhere else on the planet. For those who want to experience truly unique red and white styles from the land- I have included the Insolia and the Nero d’Avola from Ibidini as my Spring Picks. 

Cheers! Joshua


RED: Tenuta Ibidini, Nero d’Avola

I love when a wine can surprise. Most great bottles of red offer juicy berry-driven fruits but what about the other fruits we love? My spring red pick from Sicily’s Tenuta Ibidini brings red fruits like cranberries and dried fruits like cherries to the glass. For the first grilling of the season or an impromptu pitch-in - this wine is a perfect fit. Few people have heard of the grape, Nero d’avola, but many can appreciate its charms. Open or decant to let wine breathe 30 minutes prior to serving.

Pairing: Plays nicely with grilled white meats or just by itself.
Country: Italy / Sicily
Grape: 100% Nero d’Avola (similar to bigger Pinot Noirs)




WHITE: Tenuta Ibidini, Insolia

As we all climb out of our winter coops, you should have a wine that says “Spring is here!” Insolia is a vibrant white that is full of spring characteristics. The nose blooms with green tea, citrus and star-fruit. It is a traditional wine from Sicily, named after the exotic Insolia grape that grows there. As I tasted hundreds of wines preparing for my sommelier exam, this bottle stood out and continues to draw the attention of my thirst. It offers an unoaked brightness like Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and a richness that works brilliantly with grilled brats and salads. For get-togethers, throw a bottle in the ice with the beer and enjoy!

Pairing: Works with cheese board, salads or grilled pork (from the Savory Swine of course!)
Country: Italy / Sicily
Grape: 100% Insolia (similar to un-oaked Chardonnay)

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