Fox59 Morning News invited Joshua to discuss buying wine for the holidays. 

Buying wine doesn't have to be confusing.

  • Buy wine from a trusted retailer. A wine shop can answer any questions you may have about wine and food pairings. If you decide to splurge, you can trust that a wine shop has properly stored the bottle.
  • Know your regions. Selecting wine from a lesser known region is a great way to keep costs low. Look for wines from Portugal, South Africa, and Washington State.
  • Read the label. A typical wine will be between 11-16% alcohol. If you are looking for a sweet wine, lower alcohol is the way to go. Look for something with 6-10% alcohol.

The traditional midwestern holiday supper has many different flavors, so it's best to let the wine take a back seat. Choosing a medium-bodied red, a sparkling wine, or a rosé to pair with large meals will please your guests. Recommended holiday wines are:

  • Pinot Noir from Sonoma County, California - A ripe and soft easy-drinking red.
  • Viognier, France - A dependable white wine with big fruit and flowers. Sells at a variety of price points.
  • Prosecco from Valdobiadene, Italy - A refreshing sparkling wine at a great value.
  • Dry rosé from France, California or New York - The unexpected crowd pleaser.